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  • 2nd Monday of each month
    Regular City Council Meeting
    5:30 pm
  • Business Licenses

    A license (Occupational Tax Certificate) is required to operate a business within the Metter city limits. A business license is a legal document that allows you to start and maintain your business. Application for a business license can be filed with the Metter City Clerk upon forms prescribed by the city and made available at Metter City Hall or in the section below.

  • Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

    Application for a license for the sale of beer, wine, and/or distilled spirits in the City of Metter can be filed with the Metter City Clerk. The application shall be subscribed by the applicant under oath and fully completed and executed. The licensing process includes registering at Metter City Hall for fingerprinting and a background check. The applicant must also run a public notice in the local newspaper for two weeks. Once all of the requirements have been met, the application is brought before the Mayor and Council for approval. The Alcohol License application is available below.

    For license inquiries, contact:
    Angie Conner, Metter City Clerk
    P.O. Box 74, Metter, GA 30439

  • Business License/Alcohol License

  • Sign Permits

    Signs within the City of Metter must comply with the City of Metter’s sign ordinance and require a permit.
    Download the City of Metter sign permit application.

  • Water/Sewer Service

    For water billing questions or to start water services, contact City Hall at 912-685-2527. Also, please refer to our frequently asked questions.

    The 10-day cleanup is only for landlords who want to clean their rental property between tenants. The City will turn on the water for 10 consecutive days for a flat rate of $40. There is no charge for the usage. This saves the landlord from having to turn on the water in their name ($100 deposit, $35 service fee) and pay for water usage.

  • Elections

  • Parade Permits

    Any parade, public meeting or assembly held on any public street, park or other public grounds in the City of Metter requires a parade permit. Download the City of Metter parade permit application.

  • Downtown Park Rentals

    The City of Metter, Georgia’s downtown park can be reserved for special events. Download the application here.

  • Community Center Rentals 

    The Community Center is available to rent for special events. 
     Download the policy/contract here.
     Download the application here.

  • Depot Rentals

    Metter, Georgia’s historic 1902 Central of Georgia train depot is available to rent for special events.
    Download the policy/contract here.
    Download the application here.


  • Golf Cart Permit

    Operation of a golf cart on City of Metter streets requires a permit. Download the application here.

  • Mobile Home Permit

    Mobile homes sited on property within the City of Metter require a permit from the City. Download the application here.

  • Jobs

    The City of Metter is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin, disability or any other illegal discrimination.

    Applicants requesting reasonable accommodation to participate in the application/selection process because of a disability should notify the City of Metter City Clerk at 912-685-2527.